Friday, May 19, 2017

What is Hope to Me?

Image result for meg griffin hope speechhope by Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin defined hope as “Hope is what gets you out of bed in the morning when it’s the day of prom and you haven’t been asked. Hope pushes the caterpillar through the cocoon and what drives the salmon upstream… hope is the horizon we head for leaving nothing behind us but fear . And though we  may never reach our goals it is hope that is going to save us from who we once were”. Even though she is a fictional character in the series “Family Guy” to me this really defines hope very well to me. Hope comes from within when people are conflicted within themselves should they keep being stagnant in their lives or should they expand and move towards their idea of feeling comfortable and intune. I think hope comes spontaneously the hope I am talking about is when you are in a deep trench that you don’t think you can swim out of. But you can, it may not be as fast as you want it but it will come. Wishing threatens hope I feel, because when we are wishing for better days we are sulking from wondering why we aren’t getting better. Hope is when you don’t have to think about it just happens you kind of feel it but it's not being forced. Getting in touch with my emotions gives me hope I never really know I have hope until I overcome obstacles and look back.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Social Justice

I think social justice has something to offer and is very important to all who aren’t living by themselves in a secluded island in world. All the injustices that are going on in the world and around us are very intriguing to me because we live in a new age with people who probably aren’t going see the next 4 yrs control and dictate the quality of our life. I think it is important to value social justice because we live in a society where there’s a large population of the weak minded, they lack in caring about their rights and things in the world that could potentially threaten their lives. It is like if they aren’t directly being affected by something they don’t care, but that’s a shame because sooner or later those problems could face them or someone they care about. Well since I am black and I am a woman I face a lot of discrimination and disadvantages. As I’ve grown up I’ve seen huge protests for the right of black people and huge protests for women’s rights and sometimes it gets overwhelming because not only do Black women get shamed by the public and people outside of our race there are also internal problems with the black community and Misogynoir.
IMG_0195.PNGMisogynoir when you break it down “Misog”- comes from misogyny which means dislike or prejudice against women and “Noir”- means black and when you put those two together it’s basically the slandering of black women and I have a huge problem with that. My mom always raised me to be proud of being black it wasn’t easy and it still isn’t because the black woman is the most degraded woman in america. I learned that from a young age, when you’re younger it’s the name calling and labeling but when you get older you realize it’s systematic oppression. From being able to get denied a job because of your hair, get slammed around by a school security guard, shot by police in cold blood, having your hair cut in school by a teacher, and being sexually assaulted by people that are supposed to protect you. Many of these incidents are far too real for many of us and often times we can’t do much about those situations because the system was never set up with liberty and justice for all. Often you hear the phrases “strong black woman” or “Independent Black woman” and that what most of us are taught to be when we grow up but us being strong and independent to the weak minded has landed us the labels as “aggressive, Rude, Mean, ugly, divisive” and I am tired of these labels because it keeps black women in this bubble where it's like we can’t express our emotions if we have been bullied or pressured because it comes off as complaining or aggressive. I really do find this topic to hit close to home because I am a black woman and I do face these problems every single day, I don’t feel like I can express my feeling when having a class discuss because I know my voice can be harsh and my opinions are strong but I feel like my voice is deserved to be heard.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why are so many people unhappy?

Happiness is something that is very inevitable we all know that in even the lowest of situation happiness can be found. But one thing we tend to ignore is unhappiness it is just as inevitable as happiness. So many people are unhappy but I don’t blame them, especially older people because most of time maturity and learning the truth comes with aging. As I have matured I have become more conscious to the problems of the world and it kind of has taken me into a new stage of my life. Not saying I am always unhappy, but certain things just don’t amuse me like they used to, but my peers think otherwise. I’d like to call myself something like an advocate for equity rights and social activist, what people call “woke” but in actuality I just think everyone should be aware of basic human rights and people should know of their history. Something that makes me happy is having real deep intellectual conversations about things people don’t like to talk about, I also enjoy talking about things that make irritate me and make me mad. I have observed that when people vent and just get to talk about the things they hate about life, it feels good. I know people don’t want Negative Nancys as friends but when you complain to your friend and they have a similar complaint it kind of forms a little connection because hate brings more people together than love. Expressing unhappiness bring happiness and bonds to each others lives. I have made more friends discussing things we both have a common dislike for than something we both like, but that's not the highlight of friendships. When I become friends with people I enjoy conversation and opening up because trust is almost the key to all friendships. I think it is safe to say that I am an advocate of discussing your feelings with people who feel the same as you do because ultimately you're suppressing your sadness because you're emptying your negative thoughts.

Friday, October 28, 2016

My favorite place

A favorite place of mine would have to be my home. The expression “there’s no place like home” runs true with me because I love to be at home since majority of the day I am out and about at school then practice follows right after and I don’t get home Till six. I love being at home the most when My house is super clean and my sheets have just been put on my bed and I can still smell the bleach used to mop the floor. I love my house the most when it’s just My mother, sister, and I because that’s all I am ever used to because my father has worked in different states and countries for as I can remember. I love My house when It’s cold or raining outside there’s nothing like wrapping up in my bed and watching a good movie or reading a book. My house is very special to me because it is the only house I have ever known and it holds so many memories. Like the christmas that my sister and I got roller skates, and we were roller skating in the house and put a huge hole in the cabinet. Yes we might have gotten in trouble at that very moments but it was a punishment we will never forget, because the way it happened just makes it all more funnier. My house has always been guarded by puppies of my own, yip-yapping at every person coming to our gate, or when I come in through the back yard and they are there to greet me with their joy warms my heart. All the endless memories my house holds will keep me laughing because it’s one thing I would really miss when I Leave california.

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

It seems like I am never in my comfort zone, as soon as I am outside my house something awkward pops up. My whole life I have been an Ambitious and outspoken girl, I used to get down  with the boys when we played sports and stuff like that. Since I have been in highschool I have constantly pushed myself into new things, especially as a tri-athlete playing Volleyball, Wrestling, and throwing Shot Put and Discus. My habits as a young girl have continued to help me thrive in sports and in the classroom. I remember all my experiences showing up to an open conditioning for a sport, I didn't feel like I could be like the other athletes but I did not care because we aren't here to fit in. It may have been awkward going to conditioning for the whole summer as an incoming freshman, being surrounded by so many older girls that have been in the program for a while and I was just there to have fun and exercise. NOTHING IN THE WORLD was as awkward as getting onto the wrestling team. When volleyball ended I didn't want to stop there I wanted more and I found out the school had girls wrestling I took interest. I really felt isolated because if you did not know wrestling is a male dominated sport and it was that way in our wrestling room. There were only one other girl with me but we were on very opposite sides of the the weight scale so we both had to wrestle boys at practice. It really opened up my shell because before then I wasn’t an open person to most guys and it just made my life a little more easier. It was somewhat intriguing to be in there doing the same skill as the boys because I feel like people underestimate my physical capabilities because of my size. Once wrestling season ended one of my best friends Laugauga Tausaga one of the top recruits in the nation for college freshmen asked me to be a thrower. I hesitated because the way they talked about how the rest of the track team treated the throwers I didn’t want to be apart of it. But i finally joined and I was some what decent because I compared myself to all the other freshman in the county and I was some what at the top and when we had the Grossmont division finals for freshmen and sophomores I placed first in Shot Put. It made me feel good because I had a rough start to the season and it end it like I did made it worth it. I feel like everytime I get out of my comfort zone It’s worth it because I gain a new memory to my life that someday I will share with someone else.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Life as a Reader

My Life as a reader has just started. As a child I hated reading a book on my own, the only time I loved literature was when I was being read to aloud. My earliest memories of books that I enjoyed were being read to by my teachers, I loved  “Where the Red Fern Grows” and the best children’s book of all time “Holes”. I used to love read Aloud time in elementary school because it was the most relaxing part of the day right after recess and it just made school better. As of now in my sophomore year I just learned the importance of reading books on your own time. Currently I am into books that could relate to my life or what’s happening in this society. I Have my nose into two books by the same company, one about Racial Profiling and the other Violence against women by Cengage learning. I have just started both but I am more intrigued by Racial Profiling because that is a real life problem here in San Diego because an unarmed black man was shot in El Cajon and the United states in general because there's been a lot of cases of people of color being targeted by law enforcement. I think now that it is important to read about this stuff with all the severe police brutality on people of color and the movements defending the victims. Even though I am enjoying Racial profiling more Violence Against Women still has my eye. I read a lot but I dont read alot of books, I am fascinated with articles they are more accurate to me than books. Online Articles also provide more access to people than books and they are far more up to date when I use them to prove a point. My life as a reader is constantly changing because new books and articles are popping up that change my perspective and ideals of things. My new found love for reading has taken me on this new journey of consciousness that will help me throughout my life.

Friday, September 23, 2016

There’s no other ethnicity in the world that has the same hair pattern and texture as africans do, it makes us unique and when I have braids It makes me even more unique. Natural hair is such a taboo to society, it comes in a ray of variety from color, curl pattern, porosity, density, texture anything you could think of. Hair like mine isn’t deemed as “professional” for it is very kinky and wild sometimes, it doesn’t make sense that the hair I grow from my head isn’t accepted. That is the sole reason of why I stopped saying yes to perms and weaves. Time and time again when I was younger I tried to look more “Americanized” so I begged for perms and hid the beauty that was coming from my very own head. Being natural for me represents rebellion of artificial living, no one goes through torment and jokes about having “nigga” hair as if that is a bad thing as much as black women. Growing up when I was about in elementary school I was always being put down for wearing cornrows and braids all the stuff I see trending now, sometimes I get a little frustrated at times because of the appropriation. When I do my hair I feel like there is endless options to what I can do because of all the versatility within my roots. From cornrows, plaits, twists, locs, Afros, even straight hair that can bounce right back into it’s natural state all these styles have different meanings. My Favorite hairstyle of all time is a cornrow headband and a wild puff from a braid-out. Kinky hair like mine is the best at holding cornrows, plaits, twists, and Locs usually our hair can take the tension of tight braids unlike looser hair textures that can cause Traction Alopecia. Natural hair is a representation of my life because it’s not always represented in the media like I want it to be, I want to see a positive difference in the black community about natural hair. It is often put down and sold out for weaves and perm that can have some health risks associated with them. To see change start with yourself and move outward because being honest is a start to being a healthier you from the inside out. My hair isn’t just something I have on my head, it  is a representation to others that being yourself is ok.